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The largest member of the Tri-Cities, Kennewick is the retail and commercial heart of the region. Named one of America’s Best Communities in 2015, Kennewick is at the top of a short list of cities for real estate to make your next home, whether buying or renting.  It is a city that has found a remarkable balance between science, retail, and agriculture. The City of Kennewick offers affordable housing, a good climate, and a growing economy despite national economic troubles. Kennewick benefits from one of Washington State’s lowest cost of living index numbers, and continues to see home values stabilize with the addition of many jobs across myriad sectors. Perhaps the most versatile of the Tri-Cities, Kennewick is a perfect place to buy a home to settle, to buy a house to rent, or to invest in a property to make a fortune. …continue reading below

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Now is the time to act on property investment in this up-and-coming town, because real estate in Kennewick WA is slated for huge growth to keep up with an exploding population. The Tri-Cities is predicted to increase in population by 55% over the next ten years, and Kennewick remains the primary commercial retail hub, housing nexus, and entertainment destination for residents. Renters seeking homes for rent in Tri-Cities, WA, will find a diverse selection of rental property on the market. But if you see something you like, don’t wait!

Kennewick was the second of the Tri-Cities, founded in 1904 as a residential auxiliary on the southern bank of the Columbia River. Just across the water from neighboring Pasco, Kennewick’s history began in much the same way. Agriculture and railway work brought people from across the country to the new spot in Washington Territory. The site was such a great place to make a home that the population has grown steadily, overtaking Pasco as the largest of the Tri-Cities. When the Hanford Project started in 1943, Kennewick offered independent housing to government workers, who often chose to commute rather than live in the mass fabricated employee housing in Richland.

The Kennewick area was settled long before modern man came via railroad. In 1996 the remains of a 9000-year-old human was found on the south bank of the Columbia River. Named “Kennewick Man,” it is the most complete skeleton of that age in North America. Today the town thrives on the same waters, shipping and playing on the mighty river. It is a great time to buy a house as Kennewick is currently undergoing a shift in cultural identity as the residents reconcile the traditional science/agriculture focus with a new urban revolution. As of 2013, the historical downtown area is undergoing a rebirth, with an increasingly diverse mix of businesses, including a specialty gift boutique in a newly restored building, art galleries, local breweries, wineries, and upscale dining. Commercial real estate is booming, and property management has become a vital occupation.

Building or buying a house in Kennewick is becoming ever easier as the populace comes to grips with its future as a major metropolis. While many feel that the city should remain a quaint rural town, the reality is that the Tri-Cities is rapidly urbanizing, and much of that is happening in Kennewick. To the south of town are a series of beautiful hills known as The Horse Heaven Hills. Development projects on these hills have been debated and stalled for years, but even so, new houses dot the landscape. Older residents understandably do not want their windswept views tainted, but as the median age in Kennewick is 32, youthful industry seems fated to triumph. The beauty of the Hills will be enjoyed in the backyards and wrap-around porches of new houses with their own fantastic views of the Tri-Cities and Columbia River.  Check this link for information on Kennewick homes for sale.

Kennewick is the only city in southeast Washington with a sports arena and multiple sport franchises. The Toyota Center hosts conventions, sporting events, and shows year-round. It is the home of Kennewick’s Indoor Football League team, The Tri-Cities Fever, and the Western Hockey League’s Americans. The Americans play across Canada and the US, with many of Washington State’s hockey games held in the Toyota Center.

The job market in Kennewick is strong, with plenty of well-paying jobs. With the shift toward support retail and commercial businesses, more employment opportunities open up each day. Years ago there was only room for scientists and farmers, but today Kennewick has a robust economy based in the expansion of local businesses and new venture creation by incoming residents. Family owned restaurants, boutiques, construction, and office-work all offer employment in this fantastic place to buy a home. Hanford Site still employs thousands of Kennewick residents, and science, research, and nuclear physics jobs are available for the seriously cerebral. Thanks to the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, these jobs will not be going away, even though our nuclear arsenal may no-longer need Hanford’s plutonium. Likewise, farming will always be profitable in the verdant Columbia valley. The weather in Kennewick is dry and sunny, with an arid semi-desert environment of the same quality as the Burgundy area of France. Needless to say, vineyards are prominent, and strawberry fields cover acres of hills surrounding the city. Your new home will have a backyard garden to die for.

If you don’t want to grow your own delicious food and drinks, no worries, Kennewick’s retail areas will provide. The Columbia Center Mall, the largest in southeast Washington and the heart of Tri-City shopping, has food and merchandise spread across acres of shopping fun. This mall is the shopping venue for all of the Tri-Cities, as well as surrounding communities as far away as Walla Walla. Finding real estate near the Columbia Center Mall is challenging, but would be a smart move toward building commercial success. Kennewick also boasts many small-town cafes in conjunction with popular restaurant chains. After dining, take a walk in Highlands Grange Park, a 26-acre public park in the heart of Kennewick. In a recent review by the city, it was determined that the park will need an additional 6 acres over the next few years, due to projected population growth. This is another sign that now is the time to buy your home in Kennewick, Washington. The park is home to a mile long walk through a demonstration garden, cared for by master gardeners from the nearby campus of Washington State University, Tri-Cities.

Buying a house and raising a family are the number one pastimes in Kennewick, but when students aren’t at their high schools or college campuses, a skate park keeps them entertained and off the streets and sidewalks. For the adults, there is golf. Nationally acclaimed golf, in fact. The Tri-Cities have nearly a dozen golf courses, thanks to the wide open spaces, gentle hills, and prairies. The best rated courses are in Kennewick, with Canyon Lakes rated 4 1/2 Stars by Golf Digest. It is the highest rated golf course in the Tri-Cities and is tied as the highest rated golf course in Washington State! Northwest Travel magazine selected Canyon Lakes as one of “18 of the Best in the Pacific Northwest.” Tri-Cities Country Club is a good option for new homeowners and residents. The club expresses a deep commitment to long-term relationships with clients and guests, making it a breeze to network with other serious members of the Kennewick community.

Other fine places for networking and discovery are the Tri-Tech Skills Center and the Mid-Columbia Libraries. The Tri-Tech Skills Center is Kennewick’s higher education option, a school that teaches how to earn a living and where to find real, paying jobs straight after graduation. It is a vocational school run by the Kennewick School District, and as such has the reach and influence to set the town’s high school age children on the path to success. The Mid-Columbia Libraries is a system of libraries throughout southeastern Washington, and has its main campus located in Kennewick. It operates five public branch libraries in the Tri-Cities, and seven branch libraries in the surrounding area. Finally, the University of Phoenix has a satellite campus in town, serving local online students.

Kennewick’s thriving economy, abundance of new construction homes, and land for sale make it an ideal location to buy or build your new home. In real estate investment, fortune favors the bold—or at least the quick. Today, Kennewick is a lovely town on the verge of greatness. Tomorrow, it will be a thriving metropolis, the only one within hundreds of miles of Seattle, Spokane, Boise, or Portland. Simply put, Kennewick is one of the best places in Washington State to buy real estate and rental properties. To learn more about Kennewick homes for rent or for sale, Contact Management 1 Tri-Cities to stake your claim in the future of southeastern Washington State.

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