Management 1 Tri-Cities Realty and Property Management respects quality pets and their owners. While our pet policy is, by design, a little stricter than others, our objective is to provide an environment in which more landlords are willing to permit pets. All pet-owning renters know the hardships of finding a clean home that allows pets, and these difficulties are frequently based on a restrictive landlord’s past bad experiences or fears about a pet or pet owner. By showing our landlords that pet owning renters can be responsible and capable of being trusted with the landlord’s property, we find that more rental home owners are willing to soften their position from purely “no pets” to something that is more agreeable to allowing pets “on a case-by-case” basis. If you are a pet owner, or intend to obtain a pet while renting a M1TC property, please read the following pet policy fully and insure all of your questions are answered before taking the next step.  A pet application fee of $75 will be charged for each pet and a $50 annual pet addendum renewal for each approved pet. These fees cover the initial and annual administrative expenses associated with the review, approval, documentation, and additional lease documents for each approved pet.

Documents required to process pet applications: (1) Spay or Neuter Certificate, (2) a copy of County Pet License (for dogs in the City of Pasco only), and (3) two photos of pet (one front and one side). Failure to complete or provide any of the required information will result in your pet being declined. For information about pet fees and security deposit requirements, please refer to our pet application, or contact our office.

Only small to medium sized (under 40 lbs), non-violent, common domesticated household pets will be allowed on any property that permits animals. Unless specific zoning laws permit, farm animals, snakes, other reptiles, exotic animals, and any large or aggressive animal will not be approved. Prohibited dog breed list: Rottweilers, Staffordshire Terriers, Pit Bull Terriers, American Bulldogs, Akitas, Shar Peis, Dalmatians, Presa Canarios, Dobermans, German Shepherds, Chows, Huskies, Great Danes, Alaskan Malamutes, St. Bernards, Mastiffs, Wolf hybrids, and mixed breeds of any of the above or any other breeds expressly prohibited by owner’s home insurance policy will not be approved. Exceptions to the prohibited breed list may be granted for qualified service animals, licensed breeders, trained military/K9 working dogs, or for those with an insurance policy with specific coverage for pet damage and for the specific breed. Conditions apply.

  1. No pets, other than those approved by M1TC will be permitted upon the property. Should tenant desire additional pets, each pet must be approved prior to introduction into the home or premises. Any pet that is found to be upon the property that is not approved by M1TC, will constitute breach of lease and will be subject to a $500 unauthorized pet fine. M1TC allows pets at select rentals as a privilege, not a right. Pet privileges may be revoked at any time, at M1TC discretion, even pets that are previously approved, for any violation or act that M1TC deems appropriate.
  2. A copy of a Spay/Neuter Certificate from a licensed veterinarian showing that your pet (Dog or Cat) has been spayed or neutered MUST be provided at the time the application is submitted. If you do not have a Spay/Neuter Certificate, you must take your pet into a local licensed veterinarian’s office to obtain written spay/neuter verification. Non-spayed/neutered pets are not allowed at any M1TC property.
  3. Two clear 5×8 color photos of your pet(s) or emailed photos at least 800 x 600 in size (1 of the front and 1 from the side standing, taken close enough for detailed viewing, no long-distance shots). If the breed of your pet is questionable to M1TC you may be required to obtain further determination and a written statement of the breed or mixture of breeds from a licensed veterinarian prior to application approval.
  4. A copy of your current County Pet License MUST be provided at the same time the application is submitted and your pet must display a current license tag on their collar. Cats are not subject to County License requirements. License renewals for dogs must be submitted to M1TC annually.
  5. Tenant shall maintain the pet in accordance with the provisions of the M1TC Pet Application and in full adherence to any applicable HOA Rules and Regulations, and all applicable laws. Tenant is responsible for the adequate care and maintenance, and will provide adequate veterinary care, and ample clean food and water, for any pet upon the premises. Tenant must keep pet(s) leashed when outside the property and/or any common area of the community and must immediately clean up all pet waste and droppings.
  6. If pet is determined by M1TC or Landlord to be aggressive, a noise nuisance, either from barking, wailing, or other nuisance behavior, destructive, intimidating or threatening behavior, and/or causes damage to property, M1TC reserves the right to revoke any pet privileges and may require the pet to be immediately removed from the premises. Tenant assumes full financial and legal liability for any cost or fees associated with repairing any pet related damage or destruction to the property as required by M1TC.
  7. Tenant shall not breed, sell, or permit breeding or selling of any animals on or about the property. In the event that any pet becomes pregnant, tenant will be in breach of contract and pet may be subject to immediate removal from premises.
  8. Tenant shall not allow pet to create excessive noise, become a nuisance of any kind (as determined by M1TC), or to disturb any other residents of the community and/or neighborhood. Any pet identified by M1TC as a nuisance may be subject to immediate removal from the premises. Tenant shall not leave any pet unattended for more than 24 hours as per Washington law.
  9. Tenant shall not chain, secure, or tie-out any animal upon the premises. Any animal or pet found to be secured to any form of tie-out for more than 3 hours constitutes breach of lease and may be required to remove the pet.
  10. Tenant is required maintain physical control of pet at all times. Tenant shall not allow pet to interfere with or intimidate M1TC agents or employees who may be required to enter the property or premises for the purpose of maintenance, repairs, evaluation of the property, or for any other lawful reason. Any pet that demonstrates threatening or intimidating behavior (as determined by M1TC) and/or prevents or causes interference to M1TC agents or employees entering the property will be in breach of lease and pet’s privilege of occupancy may be terminated.
  11. Tenant shall not allow pet to cause any physical damage to the property, to include chewing, scratching, digging, burrowing, urinating upon, or soiling any physical aspect of the home or premises. Any damage to the property becomes the full financial and legal responsibility of the tenant.
  12. Upon pet application approval, Tenant agrees to indemnify, hold harmless and defend M1TC and agents and employees of the property against all liability, judgments, expenses (including attorney’s fees), or claims by a third party for any injury against any person or damage to any property caused by any pet or animal possessed or brought onto the property by the tenant, or allowed by the tenant to be brought onto the property.
  13. For information on renting with Qualified Service Animals, click HERE.

To Submit a Pet Application, click HERE.