Management 1 Tri-Cities Property Management strives to be the most affordable, impressive, and capable Veteran Owned Real Estate and Property Management Company in the Tri-Cities area.  Our desire is to exceed our clients’ expectations for buying, selling, managing, and investing in residential or rural real estate properties, commercial properties, or land, including land intended for commercial or residential development.  No job is too big.  Our flat-fee pricing model is exceedingly attractive and affordable for upscale or higher rent range properties.

We are a modern, diverse, and innovative full-service real estate brokerage.  While we specialize in traditional real estate buying and selling, asset management, and property management, our approach is not completely traditional.  In every real estate transaction, whether it be for the home buyer, home seller, or a landlord seeking property or asset management, a distinct professional skill set is required to manage every transaction from start to finish.  We leverage the internet to fill the vacancies for our clients with our SEO agency.  We operate very efficiently, with minimal wasted time, tools, or effort, and have the ability to provide a superior overall service at a lower overall price.  In every business transaction, the transaction requires skilled management; That is why Management is our first and last name.

Satisfactory service is not enough.  We want to provide outstanding, personalized service to every client and manage your transaction (whether it be homes for sale, or a homes for rent) in a way that accomplishes your objective better, faster, and smoother than you’d expect.  We want to learn your needs, wants, and goals to achieve your desired result.  Every real estate transaction can be compared to flying an airplane.  There may be delays, turbulence, detours, and hazardous unexpected problems.  Most real estate companies don’t prepare you for these issues and they can be difficult and traumatic if not handled properly.  At Management 1 Tri-Cities, we have the experience to pilot your plane, get you where you want to go quickly and smoothly, exceeding your expectations, and avoiding and preventing typical challenges and surprises that emerge in many real estate transactions.  We don’t want you to know how hard our job is.  We just want you to sit back, relax, and enjoy the flight.

Management 1 has extensive knowledge of the TriCities WA real estate market, great working relationships with mortgage lenders, escrow and title companies, and a variety of contractors needed for any repair, upgrade, and improvement of properties.  Instead of scrambling over last minute unexpected problems, Management 1 gets in front of them first, generating solutions and resolutions before they ever have a chance of impacting or derailing your project or transaction. Simply put, Management 1 Tri-Cities Realty and Property Management provides client-centered, service and solution oriented management for every real estate transaction.

Thank you for visiting our website.  We look forward to earning your business.