We are a Flat Fee based Property Management company and charge only $99 per month for Full-Service Management.  That includes all advertisements and tenant screening and placement.  For Asset Management, pricing is based upon the individual property and the specific requirements of the property owner.  For Asset Management price quotes, a preview of the property is necessary.  Contact us for any additional questions or for more information.

For Property Management clients, it is possible to upgrade to Asset Management at any time.  For Asset Management clients, service is based on a one-year contract.  All services may be cancelled “with cause” at any time.  For “without cause” cancellations, a minimum of 60 days notice is required prior to the expiration of the first 12 months’ contracted service.

Our Flat Fee prices are based on a platform of fairness for all clients.  Many property management companies charge percentages, which means they earn more money for higher priced properties and less money for lower priced properties.  What many of these management companies fail to acknowledge is that it takes the same amount of work to rent a $1000/month property as it does to rent a $2000/month property, but if they’re going to make twice the money on a higher priced home, odds are good that they’re going to focus more of their attention on the property that earns more money.  In our opinion, this is not fair to our clients.  If the work is the same, at Management 1 Tri-Cities, we believe the cost should be the same.

At Management 1 Tri-Cities, we have a full 30 day (monthly) accounting calendar.  For a variety of reasons, this works best for everyone, Landlords, Tenants, and us at M1TC.  Notwithstanding a non-paying tenant, Owners can expect to receive their monthly rent on or before the first business day of each month.

We don’t have any “hidden charges”, however there are additional services that clients can optionally subscribe to.  If there is an additional fee or cost, you’ll know about it.  We have nothing to hide and have no reason to sneak in hidden or other undisclosed costs.

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Property Management is a “high risk, low reward” business.  We strive for excellence in the service we provide and the dedication we give to our customers.  In the rare event that something goes off course, as is always the risk in owning and managing rental and investment properties, there are no refunds for services rendered.  We do, however, go to great lengths to make sure that you and your investment property are protected and well cared for.  If, for any reason, you have a concern about service or charges, contact us directly and we will attempt to work out a solution that accommodates everyone’s needs and interests.

Occasionally a prospective client will ask for a list of client references.  We do not provide references for THREE main reasons:  (1) In respect to Client privacy, anyone used for references must provide written permission before we can give their information to anyone; and (2) Client references can be “hand picked” by the Management Company.  (3) More effectively, we suggest that anyone interested in references should do a basic internet search using the phrase “Management 1 Tri-Cities Reviews”.  This search will provide you with a current list of unsolicited reviews found online by a variety of our past and current clients, and is far more accurate and realistic than a hand-selected few clients.

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