Selling Your Home

Selling a home is just as much an art as it is a science.  There are definite strategies that work to a seller’s advantage, and other approaches that can drive things go from bad to worse.  Our original experience in Real Estate began on the Listing and Selling side of the Real Estate business.  Having been groomed for years by top national trainers and world-class real estate coaches, at first glance, you might think that our expertise is only in property management; and while there may be some accuracy to that initial impression, our best and most significant experience is in selling homes for top-dollar.

Discounted Listing Commission

In today’s high-tech world, selling a home is simpler than ever before in history, but hasn’t evolved much at all.  At Management 1 Realty, we’ve evolved the sales process by stripping down everything unnecessary, eliminating ALL THINGS inefficient, wasteful, and unproductive.  Our unique model of listing your home for a lower discount commission can actually, and surprisingly, sell your home as fast or faster than firms that still follow a traditional high-commission model, and put more money back into your pocket in the process.  By charging a lower listing commission, we have the ability help you price your home under that of your competition, which frequently generates stronger interest, brings more buyers, produces more offers, and can often result in a higher net sales price.  We also make it easier to offer bonuses to a Buyer’s Agent, assist a Buyer in paying their closing costs, or other unique strategies that give you better service for your money.  We don’t want to divulge all of our trade-secrets here online, so if you have questions about how much better a Discount Real Estate Broker can serve you, invite us to the listing table and hear what we have to offer.  If we don’t impress you, you can always hire the “other guys” and pay more… but if you discover the truth of our model, we’re confident you’ll like what we have to offer.

Nationally Top Producing Listing Broker

As an early top-producer for a very large national firm, we know strategies that will sell your home for top-dollar.  We advertise and market your home with memorable and distinctive professional quality photography, get it in front of thousands of REALTORS working with a large supply of buyers, and employ tried and true skills to obtain the best price, and potentially, multiple offers for your home for sale in a matter of days.  Our training and coaching experience is unlike that which many REALTORS ever dream of receiving.

Top National Market Experience

Having worked in some of the Nation’s very highest demand real estate markets, where multi-million dollar premiere real estate agents are a dime-a-dozen, our skills were sharpened in the crucible of the Nation’s most demanding real estate markets and tested in the fire of the nation’s top competing REALTORS.  While many agents may be “good” at selling homes, only a select few can attest to having the credentials of having competed and succeeded in markets where only the best-of-the-best survive.  That experience is now available to you here in the Tri-Cities of Pasco, Richland, and Kennewick.  We look forward to earning your business, and proving that our discount commission model, skills, strategies, and techniques are far superior to that of our competitors.

Let Us Work for You

For a home owner who visits this page, we hope to be invited to your negotiation table before you sign with anyone else.  For a REALTOR who visits this page, we have a heart and desire to teach what we know to other REALTORS who want to join our team.  We welcome the business of any Tri-Cities home seller, and, additionally, to any REALTOR who wants to take their business to the next level and learn the best ways to out-perform their competition.  In a region where name recognition seems to go a long way, we are hoping to prove that being the best is far more than just a name you’ve become familiar over a period of years.  The best is available to you now.  For any questions, whether you are a buyer of real estate, a seller of real estate, or a REALTOR who wants to reach their highest and best level of performance, we welcome you to CONTACT US or email us with the form below:


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