Using a storage unit to help declutter

How Renting a Temporary Storage Unit Can Help Declutter the House

When a family lives in a house for years or even decades, they may find themselves looking at a ton of extra stuff. It can be difficult to find the time or room to declutter. A person may start in one room, and then end up in another spot. Even worse, things get lost, stuff gets in the way of everyone living, and cleaning is nearly impossible.

More room to move things around

When there are shoes, clothes, holiday decor, and seasonal items laying all over the home, cleaning can get overwhelming. Plus, finding a clear spot to work is never easy when there is so much to do. Homeowners can clear out enough space to give them room to work by renting a storage room. Having a safe place to store these items temporarily will give property owners the time they need to spring clean, prepare for a yard sale, or downsize.

Brighten the mood and lift the spirits

The New York Times says a house full of clutter will bring down a person’s mood. Instead of looking at the same drab home, renting a storage room can allow families to do something fantastic with the space. Whether they want to update one room or refresh the entire house at once, a storage room provides the means to organize and rearrange the home and all the furnishings. In the end, the entire family will feel better and be much happier.

Space to switch out seasonal decor

Some people like to rearrange the house every month or so. Others like to decorate for each holiday. Having a place to put temporary decor is a huge help. Another way a temporary storage unit helps with decluttering is to give property owners a place for lawn equipment, snow removal tools, and gardening supplies. If a person does not have a shed or garage, then an outdoor storage room is an excellent place to put yard equipment.

Tips for packing stuff for storage

When getting the house ready to declutter, a few organizational tips can help. When a person knows what they want to store, then it is a good idea to pack the heaviest and bulkiest items first. For example, if there are totes with books or furniture, then these things should go to off-site storage first. Then, items with odd shapes and light stuff can go on top of the other things. This method helps prevent crushing things like holiday ornaments or glassware.

One important thing to do is to label everything. Adding tags to each box or taping a list of the contents to each tote will make it much easier to search for stuff after filling the storage space. Another thing a person can do is to arrange things by season. Homeowners can store the stuff they will need much later in the back and rotate it as the season’s change.

Getting rid of the clutter around the house is easy when homeowners have a safe spot to put everything. Plus, taking everything out of a room makes it much easier to clean. Since there are a variety of storage rooms to choose from, property owners can select a size that fits the contents they want to clear out of the space. Using an off-site compartment is a helpful way to keep down the mess and make cleaning faster and easier.

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