Do Gated Communities Have Less Crime?

Do Gated Communities Have Less Crime?

Gated communities are communities that many individuals, families and retirees choose to live in because they have high property values, privacy and peace of mind. In addition, many individuals who chose to live in these communities do so for the quality of life that is offered by the community. Unfortunately, there are many people who are not happy with their current community and wish that they had moved out years ago; however, property values have not decreased or improved for these people. So why do gated communities have less crime than other areas in our country?

Security Systems in Gated Communities

Gated community homes are very common in the United States, especially if you are looking for gated communities in Greenville, SC. In most cases, these communities are designed as real estate developments that feature an exclusive entrance and offer a gated entry and a gated parking area. Most of these communities are designed with a security system in place. Security is the number one issue that homeowners face when they choose to live in a gated community over a neighborhood such as an apartment complex. This is because there are far fewer security opportunities for homeowners in these communities than there would be in an apartment complex or even a condominium building.

High Fences in Gated Communities

The reason for this is that the walls surrounding gated communities are much higher than other residential areas and these fences are often customized to include security bars as well as signs that warn off potential intruders. Today’s residential gated communities include a variety of different models from high-rise luxury condos to modest single-family units. Many of the gated communities built in the past decades were designed with many different types of outdoor space that are surrounded by high fences. These fences are designed to keep out both animals and people, and in most cases these fences are topped with barbed wire that is eight feet high and has deadbolt locks.

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Security Lighting

Another added security feature that is commonly included in many gated communities is the use of security lighting. The increased lighting helps to deter any potential criminals who may choose to visit the home. However, it is important for homeowners to remember that while these neighborhoods do have extra security measures put into place for the purposes of preventing crime, these neighborhoods still come with the unfortunate possibility of home invasion. It is up to the homeowners to make sure that their lawns are well kept and their bushes are not near any areas where it could be easy for intruders to hide out of view of the home.

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Other Benefits of Living in Gated Communities

Many gated communities offer higher quality of life than most neighborhoods. You will find that amenities such as extra home security, extra fitness equipment, swimming pools, tennis courts, private club houses and many other great amenities are available. When you live in a neighborhood like this, you will have access to everything that you could ever want, including services offered by businesses nearby such as insulation for your home. Quality of education, job opportunities, and good health are common in these types of communities. There is never a shortage of things for you to do or to see when you choose to live in one of these gated communities.


In summary, many people choose to live in gated communities for many reasons. Some of those are mentioned above or involve purchasing an investment property while others relate to the sense of safety and security that the residents of these communities are afforded. These are all valid reasons but the most important one that should always be considered is what a resident sees as their personal lifestyle. If a resident of a gated community feels safer and more secure, they are likely to make good lifestyle choices which will reflect positively on the community as a whole.


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