Hottest Trend in Real Estate: Shed Conversions

6 Ways to Use Your Shed Space

When shopping for your next home or rental property, consider the newest trend in Real Estate… Shed Conversions. Once upon a time, the shed was that tiny freestanding structure located at the furthest corner of your home’s backyard. It was where you stored your lawnmower, fertilizer, a few cans of exterior paint and maybe some extra pet food. But those days are over – because now, sheds are hot. White hot, in fact. If you spend any time perusing lifestyle trends on the Internet, then you have probably noticed that in 2016 (and presumably 2017), shed conversion is the home improvement project everyone’s fawning over.

What is Shed Conversion?

In short, it’s the process of transforming your tiny pre-fabricated shed into a bonafide living space. Now, does that mean your shed has to become an extension of the main house – say, a mother-in-law suite? No, but it certainly could function as one. Turning your shed into a guest house or grandma’s quarters is just one of the many possibilities of modern shed conversion. Here are some other popular ideas that are taking the Internet by storm.

Turning it into a She-Shed

You’ve seen the man cave; now, meet the she-shed. Although it can serve women of any age, a she-shed is typically a shed structure that has been converted into a sanctuary for a middle-aged mom. She can read, chat on the phone, yoga and even nap to her heart’s content in her tiny refuge – and of course, she can decorate it without the unwanted input of others. In short, a she-shed is a grown woman’s heaven on earth.

Turning it into a Man Cave

You already know what it is, but we couldn’t leave it out because (let’s face it) man caves are still in high demand. Home buyers are now making rooms with man cave potential a top priority on their wish lists when they go look at properties, surpassing old standby must-haves like swimming pools. Women like man caves just as much as men, because these rooms give their partners a place to indulge in pastimes without infringing on the rest of the family (not to mention a place to store any personal memorabilia that clashes with the rest of the house, and a space for that gargantuan big screen she doesn’t want in the living room). But if a home doesn’t come equipped with a man cave-ready room, then the next best thing may be to buy a shed that can be converted into one. A shed may not be the ideal size for a man cave, but it’s better than no man cave at all. Find one that’s large enough for yourself and two or three friends, and you’re set.

Turning it into a Pub Shed

Sure, a pub shed can be an extension of a man cave – but let’s face it, women love bars and pubs every bit as much as men these days. Think of the pub shed as a more current take on the “backyard bar” trend of the early 2000s. Who knows exactly how that trend morphed into the pub shed trend; all we know is that when people see pub sheds on social media, they go haywire with shares, comments and likes. People love the idea of putting a personal pub in their own backyard and entertaining friends in it. Of course, a full-service pub shed may need to be larger than the average shed; ideally, it should probably be a minimum of 200 square feet if you hope to fit more than two people in it at a time.

Back-Yard Home Office

Well, we’ve had our fun and now it’s time to get practical. With a growing number of Americans working remotely from home (a Gallup poll revealed that 37% of Americans have telecommuted at some point, and most workers claim to do so at least two days per month), it seems that home offices are no longer just for the luxury home buyer. But if a home office is on your must-have list and you just can’t find a property that has that extra bedroom or office space, then converting a shed into a home office just might be your next best solution. In fact, a home office might actually be the easiest shed conversion project there is. Think about it: With a home office, all that’s typically needed is a small space for one. An office may be the only room where space is not necessarily a concern, provided that there is enough square footage to accommodate your desk and electronics. Speaking of electronics, don’t forget that any shed conversion must have the proper wiring to accommodate whatever equipment you plan to put in it.

Art Studio

This shed conversion project can be an extension of any of the above: a she-shed, a man cave or a home office space. Whether you’re a woman or man who wants a space to create or you’re a bonafide artistic professional, then your shed can be your art studio and your she-quarters, man-quarters or home office. Just be sure to purchase a shed that will hold up to whatever materials you use in your art: paint, glue, water, clay, etc. You want something that’s easy to keep clean and protected so it will last for years to come. After all, sheds don’t come cheap; this is an investment.

Play House

And you thought we forgot about the kids! If you think about it, a play house just might be the original shed conversion project. Kids of the 1970s, 80s and 90s were enjoying play house sheds decades before “man cave” or “she-shed” ever entered the American lexicon. Resourceful parents who didn’t have the time or skills to construct play houses figured it out years ago: Sheds make great play rooms, and great play rooms make happy kids! End of story.

Well, there you have it: Six ways to use your shed space. As we close, a quick word about choosing the right shed for your project, whether you own your own home, or if you are a renter. Although some backyard sheds will always be used for their originally designed purposes, manufacturers are starting to make them bigger and more conversion-friendly to accommodate the demand for these shed conversion trends – so, keep that in mind when you’re shopping for your shed. If you go to your local big box warehouse, you might see sheds that look less than conversion-friendly. When you see a shed like that, it might be a good idea to resist the temptation to “just buy it and make it work” – instead, go online to a source like Kanga Room, Modern Shed, or KitHaus. These are manufacturers that make sheds with shed conversion in mind, so the structures are already designed for a project like yours.
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