Decorating Your Home for Christmas

Celebrating the Holidays When You’re Moving

So let’s say you have done your due diligence when it comes to buying a home. You spent the past year working with your Realtor getting your credit repaired, saving money for a down payment (or perhaps securing a bank loan), and reading up on everything from interest rates and closing costs to property taxes and private mortgage insurance. That is commendable and deserves congratulations. But here’s a new dilemma you may not have counted on: Now that your home loan is about to close and it’s mid-December, do you decorate your home for the holidays when you’re preparing to move out? If you found yourself asking that question this year, you probably wouldn’t be alone. The query “Should I decorate for Christmas if I’m moving” yields millions of results, so rest assured that you aren’t the first person to pose the question. In light of that, here are some simple ways you can still enjoy celebrating the holidays in your existing home while you’re preparing to move into a new one.

Decorate Your Home Modestly

Yes, you are moving – but decorate for the holidays anyway. Of course, we’re not talking about decking the halls from top to bottom. Instead, you can choose a single holiday decoration (or let each member of the family choose one) that holds a special place in the heart, and then display it. It could be a wreath on the door, a menorah in the window, or Grandma’s 50-year-old singing Santa Claus that hasn’t been in tune for the past two decades. Whatever it is, have each person choose one thing they want to leave out of the packing until the holidays are over. Another modest, low-maintenance way to decorate for the holidays when you’re moving is with Christmas lights. A string of tiny white or multicolored lights around an interior window or over a shelf is easy to put up and easy to take down.

Put Up Your Christmas Tree

If you’re celebrating Christmas, whether you own your home or are a renter, celebrating the holidays when you’re moving can still include a Christmas tree. A small tree, yes – and of course, it can be artificial if you prefer. One idea is to get an artificial tree that you will hang lights on and leave up until the move – then, you can donate it to a needy family afterward so they can use it in the future. This can be an especially good idea if you are moving before Christmas day; the tree can be donated to someone in need just in time for Christmas. It served two families in a single holiday season, yours and theirs. If you prefer a live tree and you aren’t willing to negotiate despite your move – well, first we just need to say, who can blame you? They smell amazing. Second, we’ll say that a great idea may be to purchase a live, potted Christmas tree that you can plant in your new yard after the move. What better way to commemorate this purchase of a home than to plant a tree that you purchased at the time you bought it? The tree growing in your new yard can become a meaningful symbol of this chapter in your family’s life. In any case, getting a tree is a great way of celebrating the holidays when you’re moving.

Focus On Household Aromas

One of the simplest ways to conjure up a festive holiday atmosphere without spending too much money, taking up too much space or wasting any time is to use holiday-inspired fragrances. As any fan of scented candles knows, they can generate a pleasant ambiance instantaneously. Plus, there is no shortage of choices when it comes to holiday fragrances; there is a candle for nearly any holiday scent one could possibly hope for, and they aren’t hard to find. You can easily pick up a pine scented candle for an instant Christmas tree aroma, a gingerbread candle to create the scent of nostalgic holiday spice, or any number of baking-inspired scents that will float notes of cinnamon and clove throughout the home. There’s nothing more appropriate for the holidays than the scent of something baking, right? Of course, it should go without saying that you should be sure to use your candles safely amidst all the hustle of your holiday move to a new home. Place them on a counter or table that is free from clutter, and keep them away from all the boxes, piles and papers that tend to accumulate during this busy time.

Be Sure To Bake

Speaking of baking, making some home-cooked holiday goodies is a must for celebrating the holidays when you’re moving. Yes, the Kitchen Aid, electric mixer and good bowls may be packed – but in a pinch like this, a durable plastic bowl and large spoon is all you need to put together a simple cake or cookie mix. Baking treats will give everyone some instant holiday happiness and help the house smell great; if you’re opening the home up to guests or even potential buyers, it may be exactly what you need to help them feel welcome. And if you’re the type of family that has staple holiday treats – say, Mom’s pecan balls, gingerbread bars or persimmon cookies – well, why not make them? There’s no law that says life has to stop when you’re moving into a new home. If there are multiple must-have treats every year, this can be the year when the family votes on just on. Then, gather in the kitchen to make it together. Activities like these can become household memories for a lifetime.

Get Out Of The House For Some Holiday Fun

Of course, there’s also no rule that says you have to stay holed up in your house until moving day. Celebrating the holidays when you’re moving might mean a Christmas dinner at a favorite restaurant (or a nice restaurant you need an excuse to visit). It can also mean strolling through a local light display with your hot cocoa in hand, or visiting family members you haven’t had the chance to see for a while. If you are fortunate enough to live near snow, then why not take the opportunity to enjoy it? A day of sledding and snowball fights can give everyone a break from the doldrums of spending the holidays in transition between homes.

As you can see, there are many ways of celebrating the holidays when you’re moving. Whether you’re 30 days out or 3, choose as many of these as you can to maximize the holiday spirit during your move. You won’t just be “getting through” this busy time; you and your home will be making the most of it.

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