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First-Time Landlords

12 Tips for First-Time Landlords

Becoming a landlord can be a lucrative and rewarding venture,…
What Does A Property Manager Do?

What Does A Property Manager Do?

You've likely heard of property managers, whether you're an investor…
SEO For Property Managers

SEO For Property Managers

Whether you are just starting out in the property management…
Do Brokers Help With Leases?

Do Discount Real Estate Brokers Help With Leases?

It's becoming more common to search online for your next home,…
Do Gated Communities Have Less Crime?

Do Gated Communities Have Less Crime?

Gated communities are communities that many individuals, families…
Hiring a Buyers Broker is Key When Purchasing an Investment Property

Hiring a Buyers Broker is Key When Purchasing an Investment Property

Hiring a Buyers Broker is Key When Purchasing an Investment Property   Now…

Types of Insulation to Consider for Your Home or Rental

There are several types of home insulation available in the market…
Using a storage unit to help declutter

How Renting a Temporary Storage Unit Can Help Declutter the House

When a family lives in a house for years or even decades,…
real estate school

Is it Easy to Start a Career in Real Estate?

Just as beginning any new career, entering property buying and…

6 Ways to Sell your Homes Faster in Todays Real Estate Market

Selling your Homes Faster in Today's Real Estate Market Whether…

Buying a Home That Has Been Remodeled But Without Permits

Is it a Good Idea to Buy a Home that has been Remodeled without…

Evicting a Renter – A Personal Perspective

Everyone has feelings, and most of us want to be the “good…
NOLA Real Estate

New Orleans Real Estate is on Fire

New Orleans Real Estate Although currently working in the Tri-Cities…

5 Real Estate Predictions for 2017

It’s that time of year again: the time when nothing, and we…
Decorating Your Home for Christmas

Celebrating the Holidays When You’re Moving

So let’s say you have done your due diligence when it comes…
Invest in Real Estate

Trump Economic Policy Confirmed, US Economy Will Grow – Invest in Real Estate Now

Yes, it was a messy one.  The worst I’ve seen in my lifetime,…

Home Ownership Tax Benefits

Now that the year is coming to a close, many Americans are motivated…

De-Cluttering Before Christmas: 7 Items to Toss Now

With the holidays soon approaching, it makes sense to start…

Hottest Trend in Real Estate: Shed Conversions

6 Ways to Use Your Shed Space When shopping for your next home…
house cleaning real estate and property management

Fall Cleaning? House Cleaning Tasks to Perform this Autumn

Spring cleaning is a must for homeowners and renters; everyone…
closer look at real estate investing

Due Diligence – What’s it to Me?

Anytime you purchase a big ticket item such as a home, and investment…
Buying your Dream Home

Creating Your Own Dream Home

There’s building your dream home, and then there’s creating…
real estate broker mastermind group

Mastermind Groups: A Formula for Business Success

  There’s an old saying that “two heads are better…

Countertop Choices: Which One is Right for You?

Although many people don’t spend time dwelling on it, countertops…
Buying a House with the VA Home Loan

The VA Loan Program: What Home Buyers Need to Know

For U.S. military personnel and veterans, the VA Loan program…
buying a home before rates go up

Four Reasons to Buy a Home this Fall

Well, here we are again, on the verge of the upcoming holiday…

NAR Town Hall Conference Call with Congressman Dan Newhouse

Following some unrecorded introductions (due to technical difficulties),…
tri-cities real estate and property management

Going from Home Owner to Renter

No, I didn’t get that backwards, the title says exactly what…

Going from Renter to Home Owner

We’ve all done it, we’ve all started out… as a Renter. …

My Shoes – A True Story

Be prepared, this may be a long story, but one I need to tell. …
Home is Where the Heart Is

Making Your House Ready to Sell

Do you know the best thing about preparing your house for sale?…
Tenant Application Process

What is Tenant Placement?

The process of renting or leasing a home to a renter... that’s…
Property management renting to roommates

Renting to Roommates… A Recipe for Disaster?

As an established property management company, we often get questions…

10 Ways to be the Perfect Home Buyer

Work with a REALTOR Many home buyers don’t realize that working…

10 Ways to be the Perfect Home Seller

Use a REALTOR Many times a homeowner will try to sell their…
Brexit and the US Real Estate Economy

Brexit and its Effects on US economy and Real Estate

Following the recent vote by Great Britain to exit the European…
Solar Panels Real Estate Investment

Solar Panels – A good idea? Know these important facts before you lease or buy.

These days, many homeowners are installing solar panels, thinking…
Property Management Accounting Best Practices

The Property Management Accounting Cycle    

Your property manager’s accounting cycle isn’t something…
Tri-Cities Old Madame Dorian Bridge

A Bridge to Nowhere

Real estate investments can be like building a bridge.  They…
Property Management Flat Fee vs Percentage

Property Management: Flat-Fee vs Percentage

In the property management business, there are two common fees…
Property Management Debt Collections

Property Managers are Not Debt Collectors

It’s a common misconception that property managers are also…
Home Selling Mistakes to Avoid

Common Myths and Mistakes of Home Sellers 

When it comes to selling a home, there are many things to consider. …
Real Estate Investing Profits

Why You Should Not Sell Your Old Home

There’s no question the current environment of the Tri-Cities…
Avoid the Stress of Managing Rental Property

Benefits of Hiring a Property Manager

There are several benefits to hiring a professional property…
Choosing the right real estate company tri-cities pasco kennewick richland wa

5 Reasons to Choose Management 1 Tri-Cities

5 Reasons to Choose Management 1 Tri-Cities Management 1 Tri-Cities…
Tri-Cities Real Estate For Sale

Plumbing Best Practices

Tri-Cities Property Management Plumbing Best Practices In today's…

Buying Investment Rental Property in Tri-Cities WA

Today we are providing you with a few tips on what to look for…